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Updated: Jun. 16 (22:58)

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Local 38 Social Media Policy
Updated On: Aug 03, 2016



Social media is constantly changing the way we connect. It helps us start new relationships with customers and colleagues from around the globe, sometimes with a single tweet. Local 38 supports the use of social media sites to discuss and advocate for the important issues facing members and working families today. While these sites offer many advantages, they also can cause legal and disciplinary problems.

Your Section 7 Rights:

Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act protects your right to engage in concerted activity with fellow workers regarding activities that affect your workplace, including the right to discuss wages, working conditions, the employer’s treatment of employees, and labor policies. If you post in the context of a labor dispute (such as a strike or lockout, or regarding terms and conditions of employment), make that clear. And, a post relating to terms and conditions of employment that coworkers commented on, contains a “call to action,” or invites coworker responses is more likely to be protected than individual griping.

Avoid posts that give your employer a basis to claim that you have disrupted shop discipline, been maliciously false, or been so disparaging of your employer that your comments are unprotected. For example, your activity may not be protected if you post about sabotaging equipment or threaten violence.

When posting on social media, please remember:

Employers may monitor social media sites. Many social media sites contain information identifying your employer or union.

• Once you post on a social media site, it is nearly impossible to control or retract. Deleting comments or tweets does not mean no one saw them. Information travels quickly on the Internet and deleted posts may be recovered. Even information you may think you have protected as "private" on some social media sites may be accessed by others.

You are an ambassador of Local 38.

Guidelines for using social media:

1. You have the right to discuss information regarding your terms and conditions of employment.

2. Do not harass or threaten others. Examples of such conduct might include threatening violence or offensive posts that could contribute to a hostile work environment on the basis of race, sex, disability, religion, or any other status protected by law.

3. When you are expressing your personal opinions, make it clear that these opinions are yours alone and not those of Local 38.

4. Do not post information about your employer that you know is false. (For example, you can express your opinion that the company CEO makes too much money; you cannot falsely say that the CEO has “stolen” from the company.)

5. Be mindful of the rights of others. Do not post confidential information, such as another person’s social security number. Do not transmit information using someone else’s name or identity or access a computer system without authorization. And, be aware of copyright and trademark restrictions.

6. Do not share confidential union information, such as Local 38’s bargaining strategy during collective bargaining. 

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IATSE TTF Online Safety Training

The IATSE Training Trust Fund is excited to offer free online safety training for all workers covered under the 2015-2018 Area Standards Agreement. The free training consists of the General Safety Training “A” & Environmental Safety “A2” courses. The TTF is encouraging all eligible workers to take these courses. For further information, & application please visit their website at


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